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 From 1984                                                                                                            
 When Biennale Donna was founded in 1984 it was supposed to be a single exhibition, representing various expressions of female art. This event wasn’t meant to isolate the work of the women from the art in general, but to enhance and emphasize the undisputed value of the women artists. Considering the huge success of the exhibition, the association that organized it, UDI - Union of Women in Italy of Ferrara, decided to transform it into a biennale event. For the creation of the various editions of the Biennale, UDI established a Science Committee, that creates and presents the exhibition projects to the Municipality and Province of Ferrara and to the Emilia Romagna Region, in order to get their institutional approve and financial support. The  Biennale Donna is also sustained by the Ferrara’s Galleries of Modern and Contemporary Art, which offers their exhibition spaces for the realization of the Biennale’s editions. Since 1990 the Biennale Donna is officially recognized by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry for the Equal Opportunities.

2012 - 15° edition

     VIOLENCE. Art decoding violence    


2010 - 14°  edition (18 April – 13 June)

Veiled Memoirs. Contemporary Art from Iran                                                          

curated by Silvia Cirelli

2008 - 13° edition (6 April – 1 June)

Mona Hatoum. Undercurrents                                                                     

curated by Lola Bonora

2006 - 12° edition (19 March – 14 May)

Southeast passages: glances of artists among stories, memories, crossings                                                            

curated by Emanuela de Cecco

2004 - 11th edition
(21 March – 16 May)

Strange Messenger. The art of Patti Smith                                              

curated by Andy Wharol Museum, Pittsburg in collaboration with Modena International Music

Round trip. Contemporaty Artists between Europe and America           

4 April-6 June

curated by internazionale Lola Bonora

2002 - 10° edition (3 March – 5 May)

From lace to the motorcycle. Female artisans / artists and designers in Italy in the twentieth sentury           

curated by Anty Pansera and Tiziana Occleppo

2000 - 9° edition (18 May-27 July)

Carol Rama. Works 1937-2000.                                                                 

a retrospective exhibition curated by Vittoria Coen
with the consultancy of Lola Bonora

1998 - 8° edition (18 April-19 July)

Post Scriptum. Female artist in Italy between language and image in the 60s and 70s    

curated by Anna Maria Fioravanti Baraldi
with the consultancy of Mirella Bentivoglio

1996 - 7° edition (19 May - 28 July)

Vanessa Bell & Virginia Woolf. Drawing the life.                                    

curated by Anna Maria Fioravanti Baraldi,
Federica Manfredini and Liviana Zagagnoni

Homage to Virginia Woolf                                                                                             

curated by Francesca Mellone in collaboration with Vittoria Surian

1994 - 6° edition
(8 May-3 July)

Women's poetry between separateness and diversity. Forms of art from 1900 to 1940   

curated by Anna Maria Fioravanti Baraldi

1992 - 5° edition (3 March - 29 April)
Franca Squarciapino: Between illusion and reality: studies, sketches and costumes                

curated by Paola Sega Serra Zanetti,
based on an idea of Anna Maria Fioravanti Baraldi

The poetry of the five fingers. Gisella Meo Fernanda Fedi Andreina Robotti.                  

curated by Paola Mingozzi

Francesca Archibugi. “Mignon is gone”. Paths for a film.                     

curated by Lola Bonora and Anna Quarz

1990 - 4° edition (3 March - 29 April)

Female presences in the artistic life of Ferrara between the nineteenth and the twentieth century         

curated by Anna Maria Fioravanti Baraldi and Francesca Mellone


curated by Dida Spano

The Game of Roles                                                                                                            

curated by Marisa Vescovo

1988 - 3° edition
(28 February - 5 April)
Figures from the Background 3.                                                                                    

curated by Dede Auregli and Cristina Marabini

Personal exhibitions:

Bice Lazzari                                                                                                                              

Paola Forlani, Laura Gavioli, Adriana Mastellari. Homage to the artists from Ferrara           

Paola Agosti                                                                                                                           

1986 2° edition (8 March - 13 April)

Figures from the Background: Magma: 10 Years Later                             

curated by Romana Loda

1984 1° edition (26 February - 25 March)
Figures from the Background                                                                                         

curated by Marilena Pasquali


Personal exhibitions:

Keiko Ghio                                                                                                                         

Trude Waehner                                                                                                                  

Alicia Penalba                                                                                                                   

Marialba Russo                                                                                                                 

Raffaella Pasqualini                                                                                                         

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