Andata e ritorno. Artiste contemporanee tra Europa e America

(4 April-6 June)

curated by Lola Bonoraexhibition hall: Palazzo Bonacossi Artists:

Marina Abramovic, Luoise Bourgeois, Angiola R. Churchill, Liliale Lijn, Beverly Pepper, Kiki Smith



Women of the world by Judy Collischan

Marina Abramovic. Beyond the bridge of amethyst. by Elisabetta Lopresti;

Luoise Bourgeois (or of eternal youth) by Vittoria Coen;

The box of Pandora. Revision of a myth by Lola G. Bonora;

Whithout skin. The feeling of the body in the work of Liliale Lijn by Valeria Tassinari;

Metamorphosis of the marble. A tribute to Beverly Pepper by Anna Maria Fioravanti Baraldi;

Kiki Smith. The body as an open work by Maria Antonietta Trasforini

Exposition Project by Architect Dida Spano

Collateral Event:

Proprezia De Ross by Vera Fortunati;

Camille Claudel by Sandro Parmeggiani;

Louise Bourgeois by Vittoria Coen